Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Quiet morning at work so what have I been doing with what eh? (so far)
2468 miles in 95 rides (25.9 mile average)
Reliable workhorse for commuting, I've only had to change BB+rear wheel bearings, tyres and brake blocks (and 1 chain link) not bad.

1135 miles in 47 rides (24.1 avg)
My other much abused work horse has had a whole new drivechain (SS so cheapy cheap), rear wheel, new forks, rear wheel, tyres, a few disc pads, switched to magura brakes and got through just 1 pair of blocks so far. I treated it to a new pair of grips the old ones were very worn and the bar and stem have also been upgraded to OS.

840 miles in 33 rides (25.45 avg)
Play bike, built up from my parts bin, lots of fun to ride and for the most part all I've had to replace is a rear tyre and BB. Ran into trouble last week so converted it to SS drivechain (temporarily) new rear mech and hanger soon.

239 miles in 8 rides (29.8 avg)
Big ride bike, trouble free this year as it should be only doing a paltry 8 rides

307 miles in 15 rides (20.4 avg)
This bike always makes me smile, again a dissapointing mileage but mostly lakes rides some bloody good routes. I should try to ride it more but it always feels a waste taking round rivi. The minion ST/spesh enduro tyre combo has been superb. Cracking bike, keep thinking about putting it on a diet tho.

239 miles in 8 rides (29.8 avg)
Feeling very neglected is my road bike, never really fancied going out on it much to be honest.

Road 2707
XC 2501
Longest rides 53m road extended commute, 50m mary townley loop.

A decent year for rides and maybe a couple more to come.

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