Wednesday, 2 December 2009

1 month to go

Only 29 days of the year left so how are my aims looking?
MTL - done, finally, not a bad ride.
100mile hilly road ride, nope not done any big road rides this year - ah well nevermind.
More rides with other people - Lots!
4500 miles - Done
2500 offroad miles - not looking great, I've only done 2245 so far, not helped by the pitiful (worst of the year) 81 miles in november. So I need to manage 255 this month, not likely to be honest, I need a big freeze (or just stop fricking raining!) so I can get some xc commutes in, otherwise it's some silly long weekend rides. Fingers crossed.


Red Bike said...

I keep meaning to get some off-road commutes in. However, I can't seem to motivate myself to get out of bed early enough to take the MTB.

D0NK said...

For me it's not so much the motivation (only 15mins extra, more fun, less murder attempts) it's that I get to work so muddy when it's wet. I leave a big pile of mud outside the building when I scrape it off my bike and a (not much) smaller pile in my office when I get changed.

Anonymous said...

Junkyard- Johnnie
ok I will do the 100 mile hilly road ride with you next year if you will do the coast to coast day challenge !!
I will also ride mon/weds/fri off road with you if you wan tto get miles in - I am thinking canal ;-)
Seriously will help you have a go at your off road mileage.

D0NK said...

Cheers for the offer Johnnie, coast to coast will be on next years to do list.