Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow day

Seeing as how Friday, Saturday and Sunday were taken up with works do, hangover and Christmas shopping today was my first chance to play in the snow* and the first proper snowy commute (snow from door to door) wow that was hard work, the snow is pretty lumpy with a thick crust to break through. I'd only been going 15minutes pedalling along on the flat and I was overheating, good resistance training but I'll be suffering on tomorrows nightride if it's the same in the morning. There were a few sledging spots that cut across the trail, tempted to buy one tonight and have a go. Got me thinking about snowboarding again...maybe next year :-( Can't believe how many roads are still ungritted (or not gritted enough) even in the city centre. Managed to ride into a bridge, going under the motorway at clifton there was a big patch of ice while avoiding it I got too close to the wall and there must have been a bit sticking out cos I twatted my shoulder a good one, grazed and a proper lump on it by the time I got to work. Fortunatley it doesn't bother me while riding so no worries :-)

*not counting razzing the wife's car round toysRus car park yesterday :-)

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