Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pain is just weakness leaving the body

Cool! In that case I just got rid of a metric shitload. Got out for a few hours today, did pretty much the same route as my solo nightride a few weeks ago but added the ice cream run and the rocky singletrack downhill on darwen moor we did on the STW route way back in spring, no wonder it was carnage, it's pretty tech. Ice cream run was a lot smoother today, dry trails, daylight and being on my kinesis meant it was something to enjoy rather than just hang on and get down it in 1 piece. Bonked pretty hard on the way home, was expecting my usual pre-ride big bowl of porridge to get me through, I didn't take any food, bad move. Necked a gel on darwen moor to perk me up but when that ran down I slammed even harder. Pedalling back home was really quite painful. Time to gorge on tea and cake :-)

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