Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ride, rest, ride, rest blah blah

Out for a night ride last night with Junkyard, Si and Trio, wasn't bad despite it being nice all day and raining as soon as I left the house. Was very mild so we were all a bit hot, but thankfully no wind. Misty at the top of winter hill, we had planned (OK I had planned) to do belmont descent then back up and down the steep bit to belmont old road and lead mines clough. A few flats on belmont and nobody fancying riding back up mean't backup the road instead and as it was getting so late no LMC either. Decent ride tho, good laugh. Have done a few more rides but to be honest nowt spesh happened and it was same old rivi/winterhill/darwen so nothing to write about, not sure I can even be bothered to map them out. Back at work now so normal service should be resumed shortly :-)


trio said...

Great ride, same time same place next week? Oh and apparently you should bring me cake!

D0NK said...

Yep same time next week, Johnny is your man for cake :-)

trio said...

Oh and I want to do the bits you meantioned, I've not rode them before!