Saturday, 3 October 2009


Wednesday saw my first proper offroad ride since Charlie put in an appearance, I was quite excited about it, was suffering from ride deprivation, last week a fellow rider (who will remain anonymous to save his embarassment) text to say the trails were dry and in a good state, I had to resist calling him and in a premium rate phoneline style asking, "how dry are they? Are they hard? Are they dusty? Do they...*whimper*...flow?" Ahem, anyway wednesday came and what an awful day, was miserable raining all day. I set out to meet the lads at 6 and it was chucking it down so I was pretty soaked by the time I got to the barn at 7. Oh yeah and I was dying on my arse climbing barrow bridge and winterhill, 2 weeks is a long time to be off the bike.
Simon, Junkyard, Grumm and me set off from the barn, Simons first night ride and Grumms first ride with us. Trails weren't actually in back nick at all. Rivi and wildeswood were cool then the track down the back of the houses to school climb was ace, perfect nightride trail, mediocre in the day but the limited light and no speed limit with 0% chance of running into walkers makes it great. Back up rivi and then ice cream run to finish. Me and Si stopped halfway down with Grumm and jonny no where to be seen for quite a while, Grumms light was dying so Junkyard knowing the trail well swapped lights with him and edged slowly down the trail, fortunatley we were close to the cars so didn't take long. Pretty good despite the weather, hopefully Si and Grumm will be back for more.


trio said...

Yay for getting out, hoping I will get out for some night riding fun again soon!

Red Bike said...

I'm going to try and put in a ride around there again soon.

My attempt to navigate those trails on a road bike last week failed misserably. (No suprise there though).

D0NK said...

The more the merrier trio, looks like weds might be a regular thing (or tuesday, not sure yet)

Offroad on a Road bike red bike? Some decent trails round rivi/winterhill, I went off them for a while but I've been up there a lot this year, good stuff.

Red Bike said...

The road bike was a stupid idea. I was expecting a lot of pushing but it was rougher than I thought.

It was a 60mile ride there and back which is too much for me on a single speed MTB (Which is why I took the road bike).