Monday, 26 October 2009

That Monday morning feeling

Got up and out on time this morning, chain was clunking a bit, thought it was the freewheel bearings getting sloppy and the chain not meshing properly but on closer inspection it turned out that an outer chain plate had broken - ah, not good. Back home then, pinch a couple of links of new chain and sort it. Quick fix but all the messing about delayed me by 45 mins by which time the traffic was a lot busier than normal, good job it's half term or it would have been even worse. Still not managed to get my hands properly clean.

Oh yeah and I'd forgotten but my pompino is over 12months old now. It's been OK, new brakes(cos I can't be arsed setting up cantis), tyres and BB is not bad going (Yes that humvee destroyed my back wheel too but thats hardly "wear and tear" is it?)

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