Wednesday, 2 September 2009

August and everything after

So my biggest offroad mileage this month, not bad but could have been better, several weekends wasted spent doing house/couple stuff. A few good rides including the 3 passes and finally checking the mary townley loop off my to do list, lot's of offroad commutes which has been nice. September has not got off to a good start, crap weather meant a switch to the black top and bike/car confrontations have ensued but I'm trying a new tactic not to get wound up by it all, the adrenaline spike you get during near death experiences is a hard one to fight tho. (TBH these latest have not been very near but have included plenty of profanity and gesticulations)
Lightwise I've gone with the Hope4s for a very reasonable price from a random stranger on the internet. I mailed the guy to tell him I'd transfered the money and he responded with "Thanks dave, thats perfect! Muahahahahahahaha!"* hopefully this is all kosher and the lights will actually arrive.

*ok maybe he didn't add the evil laugh

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