Monday, 14 September 2009

Drop dead gorgeous

Up in the lakes again on friday, driving down the side of derwent water and saw the view, absolutely fantastic, perfect reflection of the hills over the lake. Fantastic!

Was a brilliant day, started out riding borrowdale bash, well after trying to get Johnny's front brake to work we set off. Birketts leap and Frith wood are proper steep so he did pretty well with only a brake brake and a minimal bit of friction from the front. One of my fave bits of trail steep and rocky - a donk trail as Johnny calls them, too steep to ride up too steep to ride down :-)
The climb to castle crag was nice loads of cheery walkers for a change. Mental rocky downhill followed.

We cut it short after grange, went back to the car and went up to latrigg and did blencathra loop, another cracker with fantastic views. The climb up is long but do-able until the last steep rocky section to crest the top of the lonscale path, it's always defeated me before. This time tho with water running down it looking proper slippy I just seemed to float up it. Dunno how I did it and probably won't manage it again but I was well made up and the descent to the car was a cracker. Smoking hot brakes by the time you get to the bottom.

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