Thursday, 17 September 2009

A few hills before bed

I was kicked out of the house saturday evening cos my sister-in-laws were coming round, now I could have done the blokey thing, gone to the pubs spouted endlessly about a bunch of obscenely overpaid guys kicking a pigs bladder around, drank 10 pints of gnats piss and had a kebab and a fight on the way home, but I'm not a blokey bloke so I went for a ride :-) Had been painting in the house allday with one eye on the window looking at the gorgeous weather I was missing, so there was no way I was staying indoors, plus I had my new spangly hope 4's* to try out and they were fricking awesome, had them bar mounted with my joystick on my helmet. A massive flood from the bars gives much better shadow and definition on drops and stuff, most of the time the joystick wasn't illuminating much as the 4's flood was so good but it was a nice extra. Most stuff could be taken at pretty much downhill speeds, the 5modes is a bit of a pain to cycle through, low medium high ultra and flashing, either scrap the flash or take it out of the loop. Did winterhill, rivi, winterhill, tockholes, Darwin tower and Whitehall. I was seriously considering going up to Peel tower for the full set but it was getting late and I wasn't sure my legs would hold out so I went home via turton. Superb night ride - probably cos the trails were so dry (normally nightriding=winter=muddy trails) Sat in the takeaway in town covered in mud waiting for my kebab (ok a bit blokey) I was watching the usual saturday night crowds, smug in the knowledge I had had the better night and I'd still be feeling pretty good in the morning too. Top ride top lights looking forward to more night rides.

*I was going to get the maxx-d but I saw a group buy on the 4's quite a bit cheaper.

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Julbags said...

Got out last night for a quick blast, great to have dry trails it really is.