Thursday, 3 September 2009

Mountain biker inside

Saw a brilliant thread on STW this week, "signs that a house belongs to a mountain biker". I identified with a lot of stuff said on there eg
Mud on garden path from washing bikes*
Bike clothes drying everywhere
Shower trap full of mud
Piles of old bike mags
Camelbak hung up in kitchen
Kitchen cupboards and drawers full of bike parts
Pedal/tyre/handlebar scuffs on doors/walls
Always a bike in the hall (unless I'm 100% certain I'm not riding for atleast 24hrs)

Other stuff that people pointed out that my house features made me realise, "oh that's not normal" -
More bikes than people
rear car seats permanently folded down
Dirty marks on doors from greasy hands
bike and fork boxes around the house
Small bike parts/bolts/allen keys on window sills

I may apologise to the wife later for being so oblivious to what is and isn't normal. (apologise but not necessarily change my behaviour :-)

*remember that bit in saving private ryan where the sergeant gets a tin of soil from every country he's been to - I do something similar :-)


trio said...

Yes most of them rang a bell with me as well!

Red Bike said...

Lol, that is soooo true.

You've forgot the pile of wet shoes, coats and odd bike parts that seem to gather by the front door.

At least one of the 'pictures' on your wall is actually a map.

D0NK said...

Yep shoes and coats gather by the door but bike parts are mostly found in the kitchen :-)