Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Decisions, decisions

So the nights are drawing in, I've been caught short on 2 evening rdides already and I envisage that in the coming months most of my riding will be in the dark so I'm thinking about supplementing my little joystick with some beefier lights. So do I spend an obscene amount of money on one of these 2 powerhouses?

Or just a rude amount on sommat like these?

And hope or exposure? Exposures are cable free, nice tidy units, hopes are mountable on your helmet - I'm not very likely to as I have my joystick but a useful option. I may go and ask this on STW but chances are half will say buy Hope, Exposure are rubbish, other half will say the complete opposite and a few will say "neither are worthy to illuminate the contents of my fridge, buy the Daylight 1250xp with the power of a MILLION candles, only £800".


Julbags said...

The most powerful light with the best battery life you can afford.

I have a Light and Motion HID as my main light so don't know much about ever improving LEDs. If I had to buy now I'd probably go for the Exposure as I have a Joystick as a helmet light and its lovely.

trio said...

I have an exposure, love how easy it is to move between bikes etc!

D0NK said...

I was swaying towards the hopes but yeah the exposures are nice and they're easy to swap bikes. Thing is hope 4s are £40 cheaper and in stock...hmm.