Saturday, 12 September 2009

There's a ferret in my front room what am I gonna do?

ferret, originally uploaded by D0NK.

Nice day today, had the backdoor open while I was decorating. I heard the Mrs shout "Urrrrr what the hell's that?" assuming it was spider or sommat, I went in and this thing was running round the front room, under the telly and units. It didn't want to leave, I had to chase it out and shut the door but it stayed there for a while and when I went out later it tried to get back in! Proper random. what the hell is a ferret doing running round my front room?


Weon said...

Dare I say it...

Just ferreting around?

Sorry. That is totally random though, surely an escaped pet seeking home comforts again.

D0NK said...

Yeah thats wot i thought, not seen him since, hope the little fella found his way home.