Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Green lanes

(The tarmac versions) cycle lanes eh? good or bad?
Last week as I was going round a bloody huge roundabout some guy in a van was making screeching noises and leaning out of the window seemingly trying to pat the ground (you know like chimps do when they are excited) I think the point he was trying to make in his own simplistic apelike manner was that I should have been in the cycle lane on the roundabout. The one thats sticks to the very edge and you have to stop and give way at every exit. Hmm, give way to people approaching you from behind? Nope seems a bit of a no brainer that, I'll stick with the tried and tested method, stay in the flow of traffic and follow the rules everyone else does (or should) and hopefully enjoy the benefits of people approaching giving way to you when you're already on the roundabout.

I'm sure I've said this before, 33% of cycle lanes are bloody stupid and/or dangerous, 33% are a good idea but not mandatory so people drive over them at busy times (i.e. dangerous times when you need them most), 33% are mandatory and in a good position but still get driven over cos no one seems to enforce it anyway. Are cyclist involved at all in the planning of these things? All in all not massively effective.

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