Monday, 12 January 2009

And we're off

First ride of the year, my cold seemed to have subsided so I rode into work on Friday, took it nice and easy no problems only marred by the complete lack of hot water when I got to work. Grrr cold showers. Going home was a little more eventful, near eccles an MPV coming up behind me at a mini roundabout (pretty big one tho not one of the really small ones that anything bigger than a mini has trouble getting round) driver decided to go round the wrong side of the roundabout to get infront of me, you guessed it 20ft before a huuuge long line of stationary traffic, typical nutter bloke behind the wheel I thought but as I go past I see it's an old woman, seems anyone can be an impatient cock. Nearly lost the back end on a sharp turn, started to slide but I managed to catch it. I dont think it was ice just damp and maybe all the salt on the road didnt help. Again just near home someone tried to take me out, bloke passed me really feckin close while I'm in a bus lane! I collared him at the next set of lights but he just denied all knowledge of doing anything wrong. I caned it home with a shitload of adrenaline coursing through me - more from confronting the guy than the actual incident. Still good to be back on the bike eh?

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