Monday, 19 January 2009


First "sociable" ride of the year, went riding with a workmate. Si got himself a pretty decent looking Scott Genius last year and I thought I'd introduce him to rivington and winter hill, he enjoyed it despite coming off a couple of times. Now everythings has defrosted we got more than a little muddy but not too bad. We did a 15mile loop with some fast descents and some techy ones, all good fun. I left Si back at his car and thought I'd go the long way home, weeeell that somehow turned into and extra 21 miles, back up winterhill fast down to belmont road and then home the way I should have gone last week via turton and the jumbles. I saw a mean machine offroader with monster truck tyres near delph res and funnily enough he was stuck. Its a narrow road and it looked like he'd pulled over to let someone pass but the ditch at the side of the road collapsed under his monster weight and the thing was leaning over so far the roof was resting on the top of the grass bank at the side. PMSL. "Lets Off Road!"
Lets Offroad

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