Thursday, 29 January 2009

Goodbye slow club, hello filth!

Well seeing as how there has been no hot water at work I've had to get up, shower and crawl into work so as not to work up a sweat. I've been overtaken a cpl of times which was embarassing and there's been no extra curricula activities. Anyway I checked yesterday and the hot water is back on so this morning I came in offroad. I fully expected to get to work looking like the mud monster of manchester, there were quite a few really slippery sections and it was mud 90% of the way but I wasn't too bad.

Oh yeah Bontrager mud X tyres, got one of these for the back of the singlespeed a while ago, so the verdict? Pretty darn good, they roll down the road like a 50 pence piece but for offroad at this time of year they're crackin, bit smaller (2.0) than I normally run so a bit harsh on rocks but dig into the soft stuff well, can't remember spinning them out yet and I haven't noticed any sideways slide off camber or cornering (the mythos on the front is getting a bit worn so that is sliding a bit, must change asap). I like 'em.

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