Friday, 23 January 2009

From zero to hero

From aw shite to awriiiight!
from drizzle to the shiz'nizzle
Alright I'll stop now. Yesterday started grim, loads of rain (yes that fine stuff that soaks you through) and I thought I was gonna get soaked. Anyway halfway to work the rain stopped (and I was still warm and dry) and the weather got dryer and colder, nice one. The trip home was uneventful and I had a tailwind unusually, got home grabbed the inbred and went out for a niteride. I tried one of the trails I found this summer and realised I couldn't find my way at night and it's not a suitable for winter - too muddy but once on my usual trails it was fun. Got home knackered but happy and sank into a red hot bath, good way to end the week, nice easy day on the train tomorrow then hopefully local ride on saturday and I want to check out lee quarry on sunday.

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