Friday, 30 January 2009

(Getting to the)...Stage rage

Went to see Rhod Gilbert last night in Huddersfield. The man is a fecking brilliant, the night however was not. We set off with an hour to get there in time for the publicised start time (but who ever starts on time) Getting on the M61 there were 20mph restrictions and signs saying all lanes closed so I took a chance and diverted onto the east lancs as it looked clear. WRONG! Slip road onto east lancs was chocca and the M61 was actually clear as they had finished clearing up after an accident. Eventually got onto the M60 at around about the time we should have been ushered to our seats. I barreled down the Mway and made it into huddersfield quick sharp where I promptly got lost in town centre oneway hell. Eventually found the sign posted theatre parking but as we left the car park absolutley no directions to the theatre Aaaaargh! Anyway Rhod doesn't do the standard gig stuff, he started on time (so we missed 30mins) and only did a token encore i.e. he didn't wait for 5 minutes applause before coming back on. He just came straight back on talking about what a wierd custom it was. If it was upto him I think he'd just do his full set then leave but then all the regulars would be sat around for ages waiting for him to do his encore.
Check out his myspace, looks like there are quite a few clips. Oh and the LBT in huddersfield seems pretty decent, not too big so even if you're on the backrow of tier 2, like us, you still get a good view and no big qeues at the bar, I wasn't drinking but the bar didn't look over priced and parking is only £1. Just don't get stuck in traffic on the way and check your directions first, it's actually pretty easy to find.

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