Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shoot the runner

Managed to get out for a run last night, 4.6miles according to memory map, dunno how accurate that is tho, roughly 45mins so just under 10kph, no idea how good/bad that is for a none-runnner. Work mate is training for doing a marathon, Si and burk are both runners so thinking of getting into it a little more. Brownbacks (and pretty much every serious hill in the lakes) proved I need to up my cardio ability, hopefully some running will do that. Should be easy enough to grab shoes and do a 40-60 min run once a week but we shall see, 5aside has started up at work again so that should fill the slot, tend to be a bit irregular tho.

One note about brownbacks, I thought I'd started off too quick and managed to pace myself in later laps but according to timings it seems my laps were pretty consistent and the last lap included that guy crashing so that should have added time but it didn't so last lap may have been my fastest - looks like I just wasn't warmed up enough and took time to get into my stride.

Anyway legs are feeling battered today, bet I'm having trouble walking tomorrow.

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