Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Making the most

Nipped out for a ride last sunday, right rigmarole actually getting out the door and when I finally did (in a foul mood) it started raining, not the overcast but clear/dry we'd had so far (and forecast) Grrr. Up barrow bridge singlespeed, ouch, got to scout road as the heavens opened so I dashed over to Bob Smithy's and hunkered down in the smoking shelter. Set off once it eased, over winter hill minced down hole in the wall, over to the pigeon tower, no sign of johnny, found some interesting mushrooms tho.

and mourned the state of my 3 ride old cranks

Still no Johnnie so I nipped up to the pike then back down georges where I finally found him with Nick. A quick catch up chat, Johnnie had gotten soaked in the monsoon, Nick was just finishing his ride. Down Wildes where we split me n Johnnie up to the mast, Nick broke his mech on the way home and had to be picked up by Jacqui (oops). By the mast the saturated Johnnie was freezing so he headed home, I without a dropper post and a carbon seatpost I didn't want to scratch went very veeeeerrrrry slowly down a fairly muddy san marino. WHere next, a bit short on time, hmmm try a quick loop around darwen tower. I sped off along witton weavers and up cartridge hill hyperventilating. Quick loop round the tower and down the access road which has a massive water bar now - beware. Pushed it hard around whitehall and up to ocean palace then along the road to Cadshaw, I manned up to doing the roller coaster (cleaned it too) along WWW again to turton tower and home, heavens opened about 2 miles from home. Not a great day, not great conditions but it'll do for me.

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