Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Gibber? Bloody horrible commute yesterday, on the way home the heavens opened, I ducked under a bus shelter for a while but had to get going in time for night ride. Soon got offroad then pssss pssss pssss the sound of a punctured tyre, stood slowly methodically changing my tube (having got stung last week when despite checking the tyre for sharp objects I managed to miss a chunk of glass - double flat) in the rain, sparsely sheltered under a mostly denuded tree, I realised the shortcomings of my "it's only an hour commute, no need for waterproofs" strategy. Was pretty cold rain too, even after I got going again my knees and fingers were chilled and of course the usual wet feet. Got home kinda hoping to get out for the nightride but also fully prepared to jib if Johnnie or Si suggested it. Johnnie phoned he sounded only slightly more enthusiastic than me so I spoke to Si, when getting his bike out had found his front brake was a bit spongy, that was excuse enough, jib due to technical issues. The rest of the evening was dry - felt like a right soft git :-( will have to do some running tonight to make up for it.

Damn chilly this morning, autumn gear was only just coping, did have it's benefits tho, nice and clear day the irwell valley had a layer of mist in it, lovely, oh and I found my shower gel that I had dropped yesterday morning bonus!

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