Monday, 28 October 2013

Commuter tales

Welcome back to the slop. Autumn/winter-prelude is in full flow now, trails were underwater this morning, clock change meant lights were almost redundant, will be needing them soon tho. Not done any proper rides since brownbacks, just commuting and night rides. My mudguards were starting to clog up the other week, sticky mud building up but with the seemingly none stop rain we've had lately this is no longer a problem. Had a couple of proper soakings, you know, wring your gloves out and empty your boots when you get home stuff, still it's all good fun. Couple of flats led mo to fit new tyres so the worn front/bald back comedy tyre combo that had me sliding at every corner is now a thing of the past.

Ride with Johnnie last tuesday, he wasn't feeling too hot so we just did an easy ICR, up to the pike, 2 lads, wildeswood and called it a night. I called in at the Jolly Crofter to see if the rollers were getting their post ride pint in but no their usual tuesday night race session had ended much earlier. Not much else to report, enjoy the changing of the seasons and the lovely colours and smells, don't really go in for it myself, it's just the end of summer and the start of the grind through to spring (with hopefully a brief interlude of hard frost with clear skies midwinter).

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