Friday, 30 August 2013

Not again!

Did a rivi ride with the rollers last week learned some new trails and relearned some old ones. Showed them to Ryan and Simon another good ride, nice evening again. Went up the road from barrow bridge for a change, up the dirt road at colliers row and to the mast via the shooting hut trail. Not a bad climb, seemed longer but I think it's just more gradual whereas the usual is a few steep ups with short flat/down sections in between. New stuff was appreciated apart from the boggy bits on winterhill. Rode some cheek through the gardens, got eaten alive by midges while Ryan strapped on his brand new lights which looked good for the ten minutes they were running (no they don't come fully charged Ryan) We were just getting back up to georges lane and night had fallen properly (so long light free nightrides), we decided to ride the wall same as we did last week. Got to the end where there's a couple of steep steps down, my light showed that it looked a bit muddy, no problem off we go ooof, front wheel just sank in and the bike stopped dead, I went OTB head hitting the dirt and tumbled sideways onto the cobbles of georges where I found that those convenient wingnut hip pockets for your tools are really uncomfy for landing on. Si and Ryan came round the bend to find me lying in the road. They thought I was messing about, that I'd dumped my bike and lay in the road for a laugh. Nope, I've crashed, again! Similar to my nasty crash on wildes a couple years ago I'd expected the trail I'd ridden the week before to be much the same and in the dark I hadn't spotted the changes. 4x4s have been using the big slope at the end of the wall for messing about on, council seems so disagree and have dug a massive ditch at the bottom of it - and dumped a load of soft soil at the end of the steps, not good for riding and as Si found out pretty tricky for walking too. Grrr.

Got to wildeswood and discussed how tricky it was on nights like this slowing from day time to night time speed midride, so I set off and despite still smarting from my earlier crash I promptly did a proper quick run through the woods, think I may have managed to slow myself to about 95% of daytime speed, idiot! Through akon village and home via the golf course, nice night a few new bruises and a reminder to watch what you're doing at night (a reminder i will probably ignore again)

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