Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Keep Tuesdays special

Someone loves us, trail pixies, the elements, weather deity of your choice, dunno but our Tuesday rides this year have been great. Seem to remember loads of washouts last year but we've been going great guns lately even when the weather has been rubbish during the day it's come good for riding. Ryan has been hitting rivi with us and we've shown him our usual trails to mixed reviews, he's not fond of rocks - could be a problem if he wants to continue riding with us, especially if he joins us on a lakes trip!
Ice cream run a couple weeks ago was proper messed up, dodgiest I've seen it and a couple of boulders placed in the landing spot of a drop I've been riding lately, fortunately spotted before take off! San marino, 2 lads, wildeswood, all the usual, also hit Lowey's singletrack a few times as Ryan likes "flowy" stuff. He has got plenty of confidence so I had hopes of him riding that corner first time but a short shower before we got there (only rain we've seen on a Tuesday for ages) meant it was wet, I was a bit squirelly riding it and Ryan declined saying "next time" and sure enough a week later he nailed it first go. Si had a few goes, almost had it 1st time but over braked while riding out and front wheel skid sent him into the side, the other 2 attempts weren't as good, lost the rhythm but he'll be back.
This week we did a longer more xc route, winter hill, shoulder, lead mines, reservoirs, up through the gardens and George's lane back to the road and golf course to finish, another great night, long may they continue.


lowey said...

That corner is called Worswick's Worry Stones. Its turning into an obsession for him and he cant get it at all.

Donk said...

Keep right, going slowly until you get to the far side of the corner then off the brakes and quickly turn in (almost like dropping into a quarter pipe) don't brake untill you're over the rocky bit then slam on before the sharp right hander.

Classic commitment move, try mincing and you will crash, go for it and you might not :-)