Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Couple weeks ago me n Johnnie set out for the Peak District, it was overcast and chilly as we got ready, sun tan lotion applied but arm warmest on top for the time being, good shout too coz after the chill of the cold side descent the climb back up to hollins cross warmed us up and the weather got a little better, a little sunnier, in fact just right for riding! Cold side was fun with added dead sheep on the main trail, naturally Johnnie took the vegan line around it. I fluffed the climb back up was going well but a second's lack of concentration and I couldn't keep traction over a rock and went off course, was feeling ok upto that point too, grrrr. Cavedale next, a new one for Johnnie and one I often stress about. Let some air out of my front tyre took some of the rocky lines a tiny bit slower and quite enjoyed myself. Steep climb up to do pindale, the usual mental rocky descent has had some of the gaps filled in with dust and gravel, a much smoother run. Road into hope then climb past hope station onto win hill. As soon as we hit the top we turned down a footpath, nice little run down nothing too exciting but a couple of decent drops right at the bottom. Straight back up the roman road to hope cross. Bit of route editing we decided to do the beast but push backup instead of going round and up blackley hey. Beast was slippery but fun, few dodgy moments between the two of us but we managed to get down unscathed. Push up then we went down jaggers clough, nice run down to the ford steep climb out but the next downhill seems to have changed, pretty sure there were water bar bumps/troughs to jump, not anymore. Spin along the road towards Edale but turned up passed backtor farm. Toughie this and has gotten even worse over the years, lots of pushing then a ride up passed the rambling horde (a few grumps) around mam tor and back to the car. Nice one, nice trails, arms a little pink but no major dehydration issues, no crashes, major refuel at Disley village bakers, sorted, just don't mention the drive back, not pleasant on a Friday afternoon.

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