Monday, 9 September 2013

Parkamoor double

Been a while since a weekend ride, just Johnnie up for it, we headed to grizedale, had a navigational "moment" (cba checking the map) and ended up in nibthwaite, as good a place as any to start I guess. Geared up for what looked like a typical autumn day (autumn already?!) at which point Johnnie added a camelbak to his long and varied "things I forgot to bring on a ride" list. Bletherbarrow lane is a lovely way to start a ride - honest, straight up on tarmac, nicely warmed up we stopped for a map check, I'd been having issues with my fine so had emailed the route to Johnnie who had double checked he could see the maps even without network connection so he fired up his done - no route map, no email, uh oh, logged into his email no sign of my mail anywhere. Oh. So this'll be a ride from memory then, as prepared as ever we headed off road. Some work has been done on the boat to ickenthwaite so gone are the huge permanent puddles, yay, but so is the nicely technical descent, boooooo! Still, an ok, fast track and it was nice to be out. Didn't fancy my chances navigating thwaite moss and stricely so we took the road to Force, a nice bit of BW then more road to satterthwaite, up breasty haw and down the lovely singletrack descent (the haws back?) Next was a bugger of a climb I've not done in ages, up near grizedale tarn, managed to remember the route ok, saw a nice bit of cheek, properly rooty, tempting us we ride a but til it started getting too far from the main track so cut back and did the rubble descent to the visitors centre, so rubbly I barely had to brake, the rocks just pounded the speed out of you. May explore that cheek another time. Bit of food at the VC, some proper nice looking cakes at the cafe, too big a queue tho. Straight up the hill and across to parkamoor and down to moor lane, was a bit wet by now but not too slippy and lots of fun. Weren't sure of the route back up and pushed for time so we turned around and headed straight back up. Chat with a bronson rider at the top discussing 650b and x11 drive chain, nice if you're minted! An easy cut across to high parkamoor and onto the final straight, the descent to nibthwaite, brilliant! Was chucking it down by now tho, I slowed down, too much, not enough speed to hold a line over all the big rocks and off camber bedrock, ended up winding my way down the hill instead of speeding down. Bit of drama but no crashes. Still lotsa fun and a nice finish to a decent day's riding.

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