Friday, 30 August 2013

mamils can't jump

Decided to take my blinglespeed to work on friday so I could take the long way home. Done the swoopy stuff at philips park a few times on the cross bike so figured it was time to try it on a proper bike. Climbed up to the top and did the trails on mtfu hill side of the road, as we did at HTN. Fun. The I went up and did the other side, there's a few berms then 2 bombholes in close succession, probably called double D or something else equally as humorous. The second has a bit of a kicker and has sent me and my cx bike worryingly skyward so I was on the look out for that, hit the first and woah! I maybe only went a couple of feet into the air but the ground dropped away and I was hanging in the air for ages oh and my right foot unclipped, eeek! Landed and clipped in for the second which was tame compared. Hmm laughing a lot I turned and pushed up through the trees for hopefully a less scary run, haha. Set off again hit the first and flew even higher/further landed at great speed on the down slope right on the edge of the trail with my weight on the wrong side and still not recovered from the landing, drifted off trail onto off camber which I could see ahead got very off camber/vertical, ooooh bugger! I knew I was going to crash, tried to turn in back up/onto the trail but there was no grip on the loose dirt, me and the bike hit the mercifully soft dirt on the edge of the trail. Ouchy, gravel rash and pedal strike to the shin, I can live with that. Pushed back up for another go and noticed my forks were locked out, oops reckon that had an effect, more oomph from the ramp, harsher landing and less than ideal handling. Damn. unlocked forks and had another go, unsurprisingly I didn't get much air this time, cut my losses and headed toward home, made myself feel better by riding some steep rooty stuff and the old bombhole in giants seat wood.

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lowey said...

ha.. I did exactly the same thing on that lip! Shit me up.