Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rollin rollin rollin

Still trying to figure out if I can afford a trip to Spain with the local guys I met up with last week, more commonly known as The Rollers. Si is still crocked form his fall last week and Johnnie had stuff to do so figured I'd try a nightride with the rollers. Met near Tottington and 7 or 8 of us headed up to peel tower via the cobbled climb. It was freezing, couple of chain issues on the climb but a bit of twiddling at the top sorted that and off we went across the moors and into unknown territory. I tried to find this trail after lowey had mentioned it a couple of summers back and failed miserably but with the guys leading we went across the tops, traversed a while, dropped down towards the army training ground, a tough climb back up then on up to pilgrims cross. The ground was mostly frozen but a few of us managed to break through the crust, my back wheel ended up wedged hub deep into the ground, took a bit of effort to free it. Carried on climbing to Bull hill as the gradient levelled off I realised my mech had frozen solid, oh dear. We started the descent and ran into trouble, no snow on the other side and only a smattering on this side but in all the wrong places, namely filling in the sunken trail. Much thrutching, dabbing and pushing ensued. Finally got onto beetle hill where the snow disappeared and we sped up, weeeeeeeee, lovely little down this. Stopped for a comfort break at the bottom and figured I'd relieve myself over my rear mech, wahey working gears again! Pedalled over to peel tower again did the steppy descent then down through the woods, started with a fast open field then got silly steep (wished I had some grip on my rear tyre) and dropped through some woods, another ace bit of trail got us down to holcombe brook, a diversion to the footballers for a pint and some crisps and back to the cars for a very quick pack up change and off home. A nice little run out with some good new trails and a bunch of amiable enthusiastic riders, shall have to tag along on some more of their rides.

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