Friday, 22 March 2013

Death defying flats, silly commutes easy nights.

Riding in on monday rode over a couple of flat stones and had sudden deflation, turns out the "stones" were some sort of panel, possibly asbestos. Mmmm nice, front wheel had kicked it up it had cut into the rear tyre then a piece broken off in the tyre. Stripped tyre and couldn't find the offending piece, hmm, look at the tube and there's a whopping great chunk inside the tube, this shrapnel has torn a big hole in the tyre and tube, cut through the inner side of the tube and gouged the tape and rim. Cobblers! New tube patch up tyre with ducktape and headed into work where the STW hive mind assured me it probably wasn't asbestos, if it was it's only 10% and even then in the outdoors I'm probably fine. Phew, i think.

My dental saga continued, another trip to Leigh and they only had an 11:00 appointment so I rode into work (13miles), rode to the dentist (14) rode back to work (14) rode home (13) then nipped out for a nightride with Si. Strong coffee before I set off and then I was riding very steadily, up barrow, onto winter hill, a redbull at the top (caffeine is brilliant for tired legs) fun ride down 2 lads then all the way down wildes (not done that in ages) where Si was right behind me all the way. On school climb Si set off while I faffed, he was 10ft or so ahead and that's where he stayed, the usual short burst to catch up was never going to happen, legs were running on fumes, but I managed the climb ok. ICR and Si started ahead, I kept behind him until the tarmac drop then it got rocky and he disappeared, speedy! Upto the pike where the wind was howling, my normally toasty windproof was suffering at the seams with a bit of chill making it through. The drop off the top was a bit slithery, at one point I realised I'd travelled about 6ft with the bars turned right but the bike slowly curving left and I was still upright, calm and in control(ish), I love maxxis minions. We were tired and cold so headed down georges lane and the tarmac to the golf course, ripped down there stopped at the bottom to adjust my saddle, "erm where's Si?". Waterbar, corner, gravel and loss of concentration meant it had gone all squirrelly and he consequently hit the deck, ouchy. Winded and sore he made it down and rolled back to his car. I rode home dead tired, huge bowl of curry with a nan and a slab of cider fruit cake to finish, top flight refuelage.

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