Monday, 4 March 2013

Lose lbs from your bike with this one simple trick

Swapped the drivechain on my genesis, got rid of the plateau du fromage that it came with and bunged on one of these I did want a stainless steel surly one but they cost a bomb and the fsa was even cheaper when I got it. That saved me a good 20g, probably put all that back on again with a 1/8" chain but it was all I had in stock. See how long this lasts, the original ring was getting hooked, if I was still running the original freewheel I'd have just run the whole lot into the ground but I didn't want the WI getting wrecked prematurely*.

Busy weekends and no nightride due to various reasons meant another full week of commuting last week, I'm hoping this is good base fitness training but it's probably just training myself to ride for 13miles at a time, ho hum atleast it's getting rid of christmas weight. Riding has been top notch too, perfect winter weather, dry crisp days. Last thursday was sublime, bit of mist as I turned onto the dirt at the bottom of my road, sun shining through the trees, searing shafts of light in the mist, firm fast trails plenty of grip, did the woodsy singletrack on the way in for the first time ever on my cx I think. Gorgeous. Of course a couple of nobs tried to ruin it on my way through the city centre but I was too happy to let them trouble me. Friday I yomped home at full pelt got home properly buzzing from endorphins, not had that in a while, fun fun fun.

Oh yeah, if you want to lose weight from your bike don't ride in the dark, check the calendar, spring appears to be here! I took my Hopes off >400g gone, might need em again briefly when the clocks go forward, we'll see but right now commuting offroad is going rather well, another thing to thank STW for as it was a thread on there that got me considering year round xc commuting. In mid summer when it's wall to wall rain and mud you can laugh at my complaints.

*Guy at work just changed his original shimano freewheel on his langster after about 3 years use, I never get anywhere near that long out of mine, but then I had a look at it, teeth really hooked, bearings rough as hell, would hardly turn and the guy admitted it did slip frequently pulling away from lights and stuff. I guess if you're prepared to put up with shonky performance they will last.

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