Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Drifty - the wrong sort of snow

Friday, all the freeze dried commuting and Tuesday's trip up holcombe moor lulled me into a false sense of security. Lakes ride planned on Monday so figured I'd get the hemlock out and check it still works ok, crud guard won't be needing that! Late start off we go, spin up to barrow bridge trails looking good, steep climb turn the corner at the top and oh....

Hmm 6foot drift and a couple of smaller ones behind it, damn. Clamber over those and got pedalling again through the golf course, on to the cobbles and "what the ****?"

Hmm, it seems the snow really did hit hard in very localised drifts. On we go, up the steep tarmac of Edge lane round the corner at the top and another drift, and more on burnt edge, and more, and more. Pedal push, pedal push, pedal push, yawn. Onto the moors where it got all muddy, should have figured, a degree or two warmer than it has been and the snow is starting to melt, damn. The road looked ok and everything rivi side of it seemed fairly snow free. Upto to two lads and had a decent run down there, hemlock just soaking up the bumps tho predictably the gulley at the bottom was full of snow. Onto wildeswood and I was getting abit disheartened, more snow, lots more mud I was getting absolutely covered in it, I'm ok with it not being T shirt and shorts weather but I was expecting decent trails, grrrr. Onto the ginnel down the backs of the houses, ok to start then more drifts

Yes that is a 4' fence just peaking out of the top of the snow, I was pushing my bike along waving at the people in their houses over the tops of the fence, cursing under my breath. Along to the bottom of school climb, had a look up the trail, it seemed wet but snow free, ok then. Set off climbing round the slight bend and drift ahoy, about a dozen of them ranging in size but all unrideable usually about 20 feet apart, grumble grumble, swear swear. More drifts at the site of the old house and another at the start of ICR, but I persevered, had to use the chicken run in places as the main trail was full of snow. Back up through the gardens which was mercifully rideable, up to the pike and down the drops ok, firm trails and no snow, this is a bit more like it. Did the rooty wildeswood trail which was wet but ok then took the tarmac up to the mast, grimly determined to suffer the full horror of the current conditions. As I was riding passed the mast the sun was setting, proper red, looked good, rubbish pic tho

I was going to stay and watch but the sun soon dissappeared behind clouds and the temp was plummeting. San Marino actually turned out to be pretty good, not much snow firm dry grippy trail, kinda saved the ride but bugger me was it cold! I was worried I'd plough straight into the fence at the bottom unable to pull the brakes with my frigid fingers. Pedalled down the road trying to get some life back into my hands but wasn't happening, climbed scout road but with my hands still numb I didn't fancy the quarry so dropped into smithills and went home to clean my filthy bike, first spring ride my arse!

On the plus side first ride out on the wheel that I built stayed true, gotta be happy with that.

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