Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Yesterday I was sat at work wondering about the night ride, Si's still recovering from illness, Johnny was incommunicado, hmm if Johnny is a no show I'll try going over to Darwen tower, bit of change and a decent distance. Got home CBA, dunno what's up with me, three weeks since a nightride now. I'd like to think that if I wasn't commuting I'd be raring to go riding at night and weekend. Dunno tho. Anyway Johnny called at the last minute and I was forced to go out and boy was I glad I did. I dragged the rocky mountain out of hibernation, might be riding it at weekend and wanted to check it was still rideable. Fat Tyres, Gears and (drum roll) Suspension! 3rd September was the last time I had a bit of squish twixt arse and trail, 6 months! Had to keep checking the bolts on the back end hadn't worked loose as it seems to be wagging a bit, nope that's just the back wheel moving up and over rocks instead of pinging your jacksie skyward, a revelation it was. Quick timed it upto winter hill, down 2 lads, dry, nice and grippy but wow those drops at the end are getting big.

Running late I shifted along georges lane and down ICR, I'd almost forgotten what it looked like it's been so long. I started off just infront of a couple of other bikers, finished a fair way ahead :-) then chatted with them while I waited for Johnny. They were from salford but rivi regulars (certainly more regular than us of late) Johnny showed up so we headed up the hill at a leisurely pace, Johnny is post lurgy so not riding too well. We stopped at the ruins of the old house for a sit down, rest and a catch up then dropped down ICR again. It's changed again, less rubbly in places, more dicey in others. We split at the bottom I climbed to the pike, proper cold, even my new boots were just about keeping my feet warm, shoulda put proper socks on instead of cotton ones I'd had on at work. Off the drops and along georges lane, was going to ride straight home but decided to do the rooty singletrack through wildes, Woo and indeed Hoo, loadsa fun. Finished off dropping down to barrow bridge, great little run out, bike was riding ok apart from gear indexing. Suspension just makes everything easier doesn't it?


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rooty singletrack through wildes?

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