Friday, 22 February 2013

Cold? What cold?

Baltic out innit? Monday and Tuesday I was suffering from numb fingers and toes (and other parts), I had treated myself to some new shoes last week so after getting home with frostbitten tootsies on Tuesday night I finally got round to fitting some cleats. Lake mxz303s, mmm toasty warm. Not cheap but these things appear to be the dogs danglys for cold weather. They're quite roomy inside, space for big socks and still be able to wriggle your toes. They're pretty high aswell so hopefully when mated with my stealths they should keep the water out without resorting to cumbersome overshoes, we'll see, mind you all that insulation will mean that when I'm riding these in our typical summer conditions (ie monsoon) my feet may get a bit sweaty. Anyway it's cold at the minute so with these and my ancient alturas (akin to thin palmed ski gloves) that I dug out of the wardrobe, I've been nice and warm the last couple of days. Lovely.

Sniffles wise? Yeah that cold is still ongoing, the whole family is afflicted but for once I've gotten off lightly, wife and kids are all coughing and spluttering, I've just got runny nose and feeling a bit off, still riding, just taking it easy on the climbs. Trails are firming up again too, nice one.

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