Friday, 21 December 2012

Xmas bingeing

Works do yesterday so pub for a few games of pool before going to Bem Brazil to eat lots and lots of animal chunks. Wow they don't half feed you in that place, some damn nice charred flesh on offer, my favourite was probably the chicken thighs but the pineapple at the end was quite stomach settling. Rest of the day and night was spent pub crawling round Manchester, was a right laugh but I called it a night just after 10 (and gto plenty of abuse for finishing early doors), walking to the train station in the rain I had a daft idea about riding to work in the morning, hmmm. Bottle of water at the station lots more when I got home and woke feeling if not fine then certainly a lot better than I deserved. Mrs told me not to ride in (and that I stank) so waited til she'd gone out and got the bike out. It was marvellous, cruising into work at a nice steady pace, a brief respite from the constant wind and rain we've had lately, lovely. Saw a couple of deer at darcy lever so I stopped to watch them, good start, squirrels, rabbits, sheep, horses, an idiotic school run mum, heron, ducks and geese, alsorts of fauna. Some of the bigger bumps gave my delicate head a bit of pain but other than that I was a happy man xc commuting is brilliant, mind you I'm probably still drunk.

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