Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Winding down

Not much to report for the festive period, met up with Johnnie and eyerideit (STWer) at rivi for a quick ride before christmas. Johnnie had sorted a quality bodge for eyerideit's leaking forks.

Was a decent ride, slipping and sliding around, I'd taken the blinglespeed and I quickly found out I wasn't at SS fitness yet, barrowbridge was hard, climbing over burnt edge into a monster headwind was awful. But I made it round ok including climbing old rake and mast road to 2lads then later school climb so not completely pathetic.
Bit of a blur after that, went running at somepoint, legs were well tight a couple of days later so decided I needed a short spin on the bike but time and daylight were slipping away so I knocked up a curry, bunged it in the oven and grabbed the pompino for an hours blast. Gotta get your fixes in when you can. Stomped up to horwich via middlebrook, climbed up chorley old rd and then home via some twisty turny bits, had to overtake cars a few times, I was proper caning it, so much for a spin out to stretch my legs. 65 minutes after leaving rolled back through the door, job done, now where's that curry?
And that was it, no biggy to finish off the year, never mind.

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