Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Real life

The new bike honey moon period is over back to wet feet and punctures (plural) riding along the canal monday morning the back end went all wobbly, flipped the bike over and realised that out here it's a bit trickier to change tyres than at the side of the road under sodium lamps and finding somewhere to stand the bike that wasn't water, mud or dog egg covered grass was a bit tricky, thank heaven for head torches is all I can say. Wet feet by the time I got to work but apart from that I was pretty damn clean, these SKS are better than the ones on my pompy, sturdy plastic mudflap on the front prevents ankles/legs getting sprayed and the rear guard is not as long which means wheeling it along on back wheel (negotiating gates/cupboards/lifts) is much easier. After a couple of hours at work I noticed front had gone flat too :-( Not a great strike rate so far then, what with schwalbe duranos on the pompy and mostly tubeless on my MTBs punctures have been pretty rare. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Riding home on monday I got soaked, no I mean proper soaked, ring out your gloves and jacket sleeves and then still big puddles of water under the radiator half an hour later soaked. Lots of rain, was still smiling when I got home tho cx commuting is fun :-)

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