Monday, 10 December 2012

On the first day of christmas

OK, ok, the first day of december. Had seen Day Ones a bit cheap at langsett cycles, had another look at the site last weekend to see £105 off! Countdown timer said I had just 30 hours left to purchase (back to full rrp now) Result! get it ordered! Turned up on friday and it looks nice. Weighed it naked against my pompy with guards and they were pretty much same weight, considering the discs and chunky tyres I was happy with that but as it's a working bike it need guards on it. Sooooo...

Rubbish shaky pic but it's a nice blue. Had to do a bit of bodging to get the guards on but pretty happy with the results, they seem sturdy enough.



The thing is, the guards are over 600grammes, I had no idea they were so heavy, this lardy bike is now pushing on for 12Kg ah well lets see how it rides before I start moaning about it.
erm yeah not actually had a chance to ride it yet went up and down the front street and tried riding up some steps, very badly, but not offroad yet, big ride yesterday so no commute, hopefully test it out properly tomorrow, fingers crossed. If the concept works (full guards on proper offroad, well obviously not ICR type stuff but trails more technical than sustrans routes) then I can see a few cheap ways to lose some mass from the bike. If it doesn't work then I may retire the pompy and run this on road/sustrans routes instead, see how it goes.

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