Tuesday, 11 December 2012

STW ride rivi again

Johnnie decided to host a forum ride, there were a few interested parties, was looking like it might be icy but on the day it was mild wet and windy. Not feeling my usual self, went upto moss bank met Si and we rode over. Hole in the wall was even slippier than it has been but had a brilliant run down wildes, my corner is now very cut up but the rest is in ok nick. Turned out to be 20 of us, briefly, hora had already been riding and was off to the velodrome so didn't make it as far as the pike. I "led" the group off the pike, hit the drops quick got to the ruts and promptly got very sideways and nearly binned it, I could hear binners chuckling behind me, this has gotten a LOT worse since last time (couple of weeks now). I made it down to the cobbled road in one piece then figured I'd stop and watch the carnage, I was not disappointed, a good few tumbles but no injuries. Next we were off to do the top half of wildes, did the two blind bends then saw hiv viz and horses up ahead, eeek, slammed on and shouted for everyone to stop, the horse riders moved off the trail and shouted us through, weeeee. Everyone enjoyed that unlike the super steep road rake and the slog up to the mast where a monster headwind really slowed us down. Some eager fellas sped off into the distance the rest of us stopped at the mast building out of the wind while the more relaxed pace riders caught up. The fast guys eventually came back to join us on the verge of hypothermia just as the back markers caught up, off we go then :-) Mark (I think) was on a very light scandal SS 29er, with a silly high saddle, didn't seem to be slowing him down much as he was close behind me for most of san marino, only fell behind when I let the bike run a bit more when the ground firmed up after the drop. Smiles all round at the bottom and amazingly no punctures, couldn't believe it.

Decision time, the rivi road would be heavy with traffic (and a horrible climb) Johnnie's original idea of going back up san marino would likely have gotten him lynched so I suggested the quarry. Binners and a friend took the road, the rest of us headed quarry-wards. Johnnie was worried about the dodgy corner so I rode on ahead and sat on the edge of the drop to warn/catch people, lots of people walked it, a few cleaned it and a few tried but keeping their weight too far to the left (scared of the drop to the right) and didn't quite make it. Always difficult how to pitch this stuff, reckon we may have put off a few people who could have ridden it and caused those who did attempt it to be a bit too tense but there is a high penalty for failure so guess you should play it safe. There was a crash or two on the steep chute but everyone got to the bottom injury free. Climbed up to scout road, Si split there as his legs were going, then we faced the purgatory of coal pit road, headwind kicked in big time and we suffered a lot. We were waiting ages at the top to regroup, a couple more left us as they had to get home quick. Eventually we climbed up the to the mast rd, I took a few guys thirsty for more up to two lads, Johnnie took the rest down hole in the wall. 2 lads was slippy as ever, all of us getting some unintentional sideways action. Met the group and went to do ICR, Mark took the racing chicken line I hit the roacks, unsurprisingly he was quicker but I'll take the moral victory ;-) my arms were shagged at the bottom, could hardly pull the brakes. Decided I'd head back to the cars with everyone to partake of the cake so down we all went. There was no cake :-( Quick chat with people, johnnie offered me a lift which I declined, said my good byes and headed back up the hill. Halfway up AICR I got the shakes and my legs started to go and I wasa regretted turning down a lift. Re only eaten 2 fig rolls since breakfast, snarfed a few more and started to feel better. Headed down georges lane and home via road, any incline made my legs hurt, was feeling a little delicate by the time I got home.

Pretty good ride, nice to show strangers round your local trails, only a middle distance ride but was aching next day, I know the headwind had a big effect but still seemed to have taken a lot out of me, hmmm. Don't think anyone took pics, so sorry, nothing to see here.

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