Friday, 2 March 2012

You checking out my stroke?

Some right nobs about on the roads this week. Coming home tuesday I hear a beep, I look round and some bloke in a car has honked cause there's a cyclist who has the temerity to over take me while he wants to speed passed, I gave him the finger. Driver slowed and looked like pulling in for an argument then must have realised he didn't fancy 2v1 even if we were pansy arse cyclists and accelerated away. Had a chat with the rider checked he was overtaking safely and didn't swerve out (yes and no) Turns out this guy has seen me several times (i only remember once) and recognises me from my distinctive pedal stroke, my right knee wobbles a bit as I put down the power, indicative of a bad knee injury apparently. First I've heard of it. Paul I think he said, nice bike Viva SS, danish I think, similar price to my pompino but looks much nicer.
Short ride with Johnnie weds night, he wasn't up for much and my chest has been getting worse again so a short run up rivi and 2 lads drop down to the school and I couldn't convince him to ride back up bastard climb so back to the car. Slippy, fun, quite a few peeps about again now.

Chests buggered properly now so resting, grumble grumble.


Julbags said...

A lot of people have quite distinctive pedal strokes, I have a slight knee wobble on my left knee as well though I think it is hip/pelvis related rather than the actual knee.

A friend of mine has a really exaggerated stroke that, I've managed to identify him from about a mile away (seriously), his right knee points out miles to the side, worse when he gets tired. Though again the problem isn't with his knee, rarely is.

D0NK said...

Did you know about your wobble or was it pointed out to you?

I've noticed one of the bogtrotters rides with his right heel wayyy out but that's the only one I've noticed, I guess it would be easier to spot on road riding where everything else is pretty stable but I never ride in a group on the road.