Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Not right but it's ok

So my chest still isn't right, slogged my way up snowdon and on monday I was feeling the same as I have the past few days, chesty cough. I ride into work tuesday and my co-workers have to put up with a bob fleming soundtrack. Hmm. Taking it nice and easy(ish) on my road bike, nice weather good to be out, commuting by train was doing my head in (and costing £30 a week) so I'll stick to light biking duties.
Riding down the dual carriage way this morning a driver came passed and beeped at me so I gave him a cheery wave and blew him a kiss, either he wanted to reciprocate or he didn't appreciate this and wanted to have a word whatever the reason he slowed right down and I guess considered stopping. This could well have made him a hypocrite, presumably he was moaning about me taking up a lane whilst not travelling fast enough (in his opinion), either way he had a think then sped off. If you're going to get upset about waves and blown kisses i think you need to chill out a bit more.

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