Friday, 23 March 2012

Lee Quarry try out

I've got myself a new frame and forks to replace the heckler, swapped the bits off my mmmbop to build it up and make sure it's upto the job before I dismantle old faithful. I figured a blast round LQ to see how it handles would be just the ticket. Met Johnnie at the car park and we rode up, nice night, clear so pretty cold but still and nice views of the stars and jupiter and saturn. Not got shock pressures sorted yet but climbing felt OK, neutral I guess is the description. It doesn't stiffen up like the heckler does but then again it wasn't bobbing about all over the shop either. Got a little lost in the dark but eventually found the steep roll in and around to the 3 drops then over to the play area. I was beginning to think new bike, unfamiliar trails (it's been a while) and nightriding as a total package was maybe a bit much. Did the big bermed red run a few times, a little gingerly at first but soon started to get into the flow, forgot how good this is. Bombing into the dips flying up the other side hunkered down on your bike and looking up to spot your line on the berm above you! Brilliant. Johnnie's lights were giving him grief switching on and off randomly but fortunately they settled down as we did the rest of the red lap, down the ginnel and onto the jumpy bottom section, good fun, seems to have got more wiggly after the tabletops but could just be riding it in the dark. Back round for another go I was starting to get a bit more comfy on the bike, forks didn't feel as smooth as the back end but by the end of the night the zipties said both had hit full travel, the reds pretty tame so it looks like I'll have to dabble with air pressures some more but the hecklers pretty squishy too. 2nd run was hitting lines a bit quicker, it was getting late so we rushed round and bombed back down to the cars. Nice little night time run.

Overall I'm happy so far, certainly a lot lighter, but need to test it somewhere steep and loose before trusting it down nan bield or similar. Weirdly that night I dreamt I went out on my heckler but someone robbed it and I spent the rest of the dream trying to find it, seems that subconsciously I'm already having partum issues about it.....oh dear.

No pics and not a finished product yet anyway so you'll have to wait.


Jason said...

What have you got?

D0NK said...

I said you'll have to wait.

Oh go on then, as it's you