Monday, 19 March 2012

ex see at last

Ooh first offroad commute of the year on friday, marvelous, everywhere starting to dry out and solid lines forming through the trails carnage left by winter, the epitome of spring (in my mind anyway)
How do these lines appear anyway? Do tyres just squash the water out of the earth and solidify it? Can I get one of those whackers road builders use and batter the whole of my commute into submission? Good stuff anyway, on my way home I thought i'd check out a bit of trail I'd seen from the train, turns out its a bit of a road to nowhere, nicely gravelled canal towpath, might have been useful but there's an untreated mudbath at one end and the other dumps you on an industrial estate in the middle of salford. Also tried a bit of trail blazing at ringley wood but that went nowhere either. Ho hum, they can't all be winners.

Don't remember much rain over the weekend but it was a whole lot wetter this morning and bloody cold, picturesque tho, low sun, golden light, mist, lovely.
tho that's probably not the best pic. I also saw 3 deer, couple of canadian geese, a heron, a rabbit and loadsa squirrels. Singletrack, views, wildlife, commuting, I could get used to this.

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