Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sun, sex, suspension and scary corners.

How nice is this weather eh? Fan-bloody-tastic, I think this is our summer so you better make the most of it. I set a fine example by going to a wedding reception friday night and sleeping most of saturday day and spending the rest indoors at my mums. Ho hum, sunday would be different, sunday I had big plans for big rides. As it happened I fell into a bit of a slump, dunno why, just moped around saturday night, fired up the PC and spent most of the night trying to improve my K:D ratio. So sunday morning I wasn't fired up for riding at all, me and charlie had a play in the garden on our bikes, I found a problem with the suspension on my new purchase* which put me into even more of a downer. Fantastic weather, I'd got a pass out but just couldn't be arsed going out. About 3 I pulled myself together grabbed the etsx and stormed up to winter hill. 5mins in I realised my shock had lost pressure and I was at 50% sag just sat on the bike, but knew that if I went back for a shock pump I'd never get out again so I carried bob-ily on. Grrr you don't get these problems with hardtails! Up on burnt edge I collared another biker and he did indeed have a shock pump I could use (I'd only lost 5psi! put 10 in just to be sure) we had a chat, Frank rides the A6 from swinton to bolton then up rivi and back again, wow bit of a trek that. I said I'd mail him my xc commute route, should be more fun than the A6.

Wanted to get maximum hillage in and still be back for kids bath time so down 2 lads and wildeswood, both fast and almost completely dry, then back up wildes. Saw a couple getting jiggy at the side of the trail just below georges lane, as I passed I shouted "nice day for it" I got no response, but the guys hearing would have been muffled and the lady seemed to have other things on her mind. Up hole in the wall and over to san marino, flew down there no dramas, then spun around and rode back up (not very quickly) to do the trail down to the shooting hut. Climbed up to the res and did lowey's singletrack I did start to ride the alternate route towards egg hillock to see where that went but it was still pretty moist so turned back, the main trail was firm but needs another week or so of sun to get back to tip top condition. Got to "The Corner" and made the mistake of checking out the line first, this quite often causes me to jib out. Could see the line, keep right start to turn at the dog turd, aim straight down the centre of the slight gulley between the rocks. Had a bit of a mental wobble but manned up and chucked myself at it, off the brakes, turn in, instant acceleration, clatter over the rocks then grab handfuls of brake before the left hander. Phew, buzzing. Up to and down through the quarry, up horrocks fold and home via smithills, sharples and astley bridge.
Excellent ride and still plenty of time for more playing in the garden with the kids.

Could have been better if I'd got myself sorted but still a nice weekend.

*hopefully now dealt with


lowey said...

At least you got out mate!!! Sounds ace.

D0NK said...

Yeah was fun, I wasn't complaining just pointing out if I wasn't such a div I'd have been able to do a bigger better-er ride.

Jason said...

I went over Egg hillock on Sunday morning, was okay actually, near the end though is a fucking really steep bit, loads of tussocky grass, think the shoulder but steeper, brings you down to the back of the forest behind the waterkeepers cottage. The gate is all barbed wire too that you have to jump over to get to belmont rd.

D0NK said...

might check it out at somepoint, cheers jase.