Friday, 3 February 2012

My first taste of vegan sausage...

Bike to work day on Wednesday so after a nice easy cruise into work I wondered over to the canteen to snaffle myself a free brekkie, excellent. Sausages looked a bit incinerated but grabbed myself one anyway only realised when I bit into it that it was a bloody (haha) veggie one. Bleurgh, what a gyp, I wasn't the only one who fell for this either. I don't recommend them.
Anyway finally got out on another nightride, a limited one tho, Si resting a sore knee, Johnnie feeling very unfit, me out of shape and not wanting to beast myself just before HtN. I had to test out the SS, not ridden it in nearly 2 months! Climb up barrow bridge and old rake wasn't as bad as I expected, was feeling alright but could tell my legs didn't have much in them and the meter was running down quickly. Up to two lads the going was quick, coming down 2 lads was harsh, all churned up in last weeks rain and then frozen solid, very bumpy. Met Johnnie near the pike and up we went, brief pause at the top then down I figured we'd do san marino should be ace. We slogged our way up the full road route, was baltic, taking your gloves off to get something out of you pac was a bad move, you'd never get your hands warm again. Finally hit the top and rolled to the dirt road start of SM and that's where the ice started, a quick look and all of SM seemed to be covered in ice. Oh dear. Sat for a while eating jelly beans (which ripped my filling out - again! Aaaargh) Decided SM was a no go, headed back down the road, at the mast we split I dropped down to Loweys singletrack, again it was battering my arms and legs and near the bottom broke through the ice of a puddle. Climbed up to the res and as I started the steep down off the edge I realised my discs had iced over from that puddle eeek. Might have ridden it out if I'd tried bit I just attempted to turn back up the hill and stop but binned it. Rest of the ST was fun, almost as fast as summer. Didn't attempt the corner at the end tho. Home from there via smithills farm, nice little run out. My cold finally seems to be clearing up, fitness still lacking and SS might be optimistic for HtN, I've no doubt the racing red mist will descend and I'll be redlining from the start but with a bit of luck I won't actually die.

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