Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I took the kids to Whacky warehouse at the beehive at weekend, met up with some mates and their kids, was fun to catch up with everyone and see the kids get along together. Charlie lost his cup in the ball pool, they called me next day to say they'd found it, these things cost 99p but hey, any excuse to do a 10mile detour on the way home :-) It had been 6aside at football so my legs were still OK for some more punishment, I had intended to go down the middlebrook cycle route but it was full of ice/snow so I went down chorley new road. Not been along here for ages, big wide road, decent sized cycle lane, good surface, perfect for a bit of speed therapy. Was going pretty quick on the way there but on the way back I thrashed it, attacking the hills and spinning like a loon on the downs (on the pompino). Jumped the queue at the lights at gilnow road and raced down ahead of the cars, was a fair way ahead when I got to the lights at the bottom too. Legs were a bit wobbly when I got home, no murder attempts even felt compelled to wave thanks to some drivers giving me lots of room and letting me through, nice!

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