Thursday, 9 February 2012


I'd booked a well deserved lie in for day after HtN but Charlie woke me at 8, tried getting back to sleep but I kept thinking "Woohoo gonna take the kids sledging for the first time today" and sleep just wasn't happening. Got up had breakfast and took Charlie out. I was going to drag him down to the little hill at the bottom of our street but he wouldn't get in the sledge, so we had to walk there slowly, mardybum. First run down with him he was a bit unsure but happy, we had to walk back up the hill as he still wouldn't sit in sledge on his own. Was taking ages to get up the hill, I had a think then came up with one of parentings best tools, deception! I sat on sledge put Charlie infront of me, I quietly slid off the back and pushed him down the hill, he shot a dirty look back at me when he realised he was flying solo but he was laughing by the bottom of the hill, another one of those and he was happy sitting in the sledge on his own so I could drag him back up then sledge down with him pretty quick. Plenty more runs til I got tired then took him back for his nap, dragging him up the snowy roads, brilliant.

After lunch we all went back, this time tried the two lads on their own, Charlie held on to Alex and off they went and keeled over at the bottom, whoops. Tried again with Alex laying down a bit, lower centre of gravity but same thing happened this time Alex decided he really didn't like getting his face rammed into the snow under the weight of his brother and had a whinge so scrapped that. Quite a few runs down, even squeezed on the sledge with my mrs and managed not to crash, hit a tree (but it was close) or break the sledge. Result, nice intro to winter "sports", hoping to take the family skiing in a few years so gotta get em used to it.

Was falling asleep on the couch at 4pm, properly tiring weekend but a right laugh, definitely one of the best.

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