Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spose it'll do

Did the peaks pootle at weekend, still wasn't feeling right so stayed near the back and suffered on the climbs. Late start due to people still turning up (and I mean actually driving into the car park) 20mins after the meet time. Some people from the HTN apres race get together were there, including hora who car park tested and critiqued lots of bikes then buggered off "to get bars on his phone" just as we were about to leave. No sign so we set off, word came to us later that he'd sacked off the ride. Hmm. The route was round derwent up and over cutgate and back. Headwind round derwent and up cranberry clough we were getting blown offline bit it settled on top. Cutgate was muddy but enjoyable, hard going tho, I was in such a bad state I was having trouble pedalling on the down (ish) hill! So slightly muddy fun and games, mickledon edge was horrific side wind came out of nowhere blowing you (fortunately) into the hill, was riding down leaning the bike way over to the left fighting against it, some tricky bits on that trail and a couple of times I just got blown over and had to stop and put my foot down. We did north america at the split, never done this before and I did not see it at it's best, very soft peat, kinda fun in a slidey way but will wait for summer to repeat. Time was marching on and I had to get back home so I split there and headed back battled up mickledon, whimpered my way over cutgate and screamed down to cranberry clough. Some nice techy corners down there, needed 2 runs at a couple of them but got em nailed. Slog back to car was hard work, very tired, arms felt like limp noodles, triceps not used to technical riding, legs not much better.
Bit of a mixed bag of a ride, battling the elements and my cold but hey I was out riding a quality trail where left to my own devices I probably wouldn't have. That's a win in my book.

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lowey said...

Proper lol at Hora. He is famed for never finishing a ride, but to actually turn up and not ride is genius even for him.