Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nearly DNF

Friday was 'orrible on the way home, really cold, sleet and lotsa traffic. Back end of the bike was feeling a bit weird, kinda wobbly, old knackered tyre must change soon. Riding through swinton big hiss of escaping air, tyre flat in 2 seconds oops. Found a bus stop to shelter under and change the tube. New one in and start pumping, oh dear, tube is bulging out of a hole in the side of the tyre, uh-oh. Disconnect pump and valve core comes off with the pump, must have cross threaded this in the past. Double uh-oh. Use my make shift tyre boot, try to cobble together a spare pump adaptor but no pressure going into the tyre. Hmm break out the emergency micro rocket. Bit of a love/hate thing this, nice light pump that stays hidden in your bag/pocket until you desperately need it but when you do it takes half an hour to pump your tyres up. Inflate to about 70, disconnect rear brake, text Mrs to be ready for a rescue call, set off, try to get warmed up again and keep hoping it'll last 8 more miles. Which it did, just! Got home got changed tried to warm up, I went back into the hall about 20mins later and Psssssshhhhhh. Tyre just spontaneously went down, no one touching it, phew, close one.

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