Monday, 9 January 2012

The eternal reek of damp wool

Really getting peeved with all this rain, proper downer, where are my cold clear winter days? And snow dammit, I bought a sledge and I wanna take the kids out on it. Still not been offroad yet, starting to properly miss mountain biking, surprised it's taken so long, normally a few days off the bike will get me itching for a ride, trip to the lakes needed soon i think.
Commute in this morning showed my chest isn't 100%, was getting short of breath hammering down the east lancs, out of practice. Nearly wiped out some school girls too, I was doing about 20 through swinton, a  pedestrian crossing light flicked to amber when I was about 10' away, not much chance of stopping even if I did a full on emergency stop, the girls (both engrossed with their mobiles) just stepped out, on amber(!) not even red, let alone any sign of the green man putting in an appearance, pretty sure they had no idea I was there. Kids eh?


Julbags said...

I seem to have lost my MTB mojo too. It would seem riding a road bike with full guards on wet days is more preferable to me now that offroading through slop. Which is a crap attitude that needs to be fixed.

D0NK said...

I didn't think I'd lost mine but now I think about it, all those "perfectly valid reasons for not cycling" could just be me being a big soft jessie.
Must try harder.

Junkyard said...

my road ride lasts 3 miles when my front tyre exploded ripping the tyre and then cracking the idea of the order thanfully I was going slow up hill so no bad spill...need a new front wheel now

I have just lost the mojo never mind the bike type :-(

D0NK said...

Ouch, lucky escape there. Been looking at roadwheels myself as my front looks like it could do the same as yours soon. Planetx seem to be doing some cheap deals, probably a bit hefty but it's for my commuter so no biggie.